Saturday, February 21, 2009

Pea Green

So. Who’s to blame for my girlfriend’s new found obsession with rubber? That would be me. But anyway, what’s with this ‘blame’ thing? There’s no blame here. It’s the best thing I ever did.

Until she met me, Jade had never squeezed herself into a clinging latex dress. But I’ve been a devotee – a slave to the charms of latex, if you like (and I do) - for a long, long time.
OK, it’s also true that until recently I’ve only been on the periphery of the BDSM and fetish worlds. For most of the past 20 years I’ve lived in London. I’d been to a few of the clubs – Torture Garden several times, including two memorable New Year’s bashes, the Rubber Ball, Submission and one or two others. But that was over 10 years or more. And I’d never made it past the tourist stage. One of the crowd, milling around the stage during the shows and on the edges of the action in the play room. Hardly steeped in fetish.
But ever since I introduced Jade to rubber, we’ve been addicts.
Last night in bed, I wrapped her head in the folds of the long black rubber Samurai skirt I was wearing, cutting off her breathing and burying her face in lengths of glossy, shiny latex. When I came, she licked my cum off the ebony rubber.
It’s only one month since I brought back her first dress to try. It was from London, probably the perve capital of the world and it was green. Yep. Pea green, so she tells me. Not exactly the classic black rubber start, but then I’ve always believed it’s good to start the innocents slowly, gently. No latex hoods here. Not yet. That can wait. A week or so…
Jade took the dress and the latex knickers that went with it to the bathroom of the hotel we were in to change. She was nervous, that was obvious. I had to persuade her to put the knickers on as well, offering encouraging noises from the bed while trying to keep the note of anticipation and excitement out of my voice.
She was nervous, I was more nervous. This was my fantasy coming to life in front of my eyes. I’d bought these rubber clothes more than a week ago, flown with them across the Atlantic and waited, interminably, until at last the right moment (I hoped) had presentd itself in a hotel room in New York’s mid-town.
Now she was squeezing her to-die-for body into the rubber. What if she hated it? What if she thought I was a dirty little pervert? So what if I was?
Getting it on wasn’t any trouble. Like I said, this was a real sweet girly dress, with an oversized white satin bow at the top of the halter neck and a flouncy skirt. Pretty, as well as pervy.
Quietly, with just the occasional (gorgeous) sound of rubber spanking back against her skin, Jade put the dress – and the knickers - on. Then she left the bathroom and slowly walked across the room to the bed where I lay.
I didn’t have any latex shine to polish her new clothes, but I was already too turned on to worry about that. Only where the rubber slipped over Jade’s tits and taut stomach did it slick and suck to her milky skin. A pair of two-inch wide latex straps rising up from the swishy skirt offered the sole cover above her waist. They gripped her handful-sized boobs, making them even perkier than usual. ‘Pert’ doesn’t come close.
Her nipples, the buttons I love to bite and tug on every day, pushed at the thin glossy latex, making inviting rubber mounds. I licked them through the green, slippery material, smelling the rubber, taking it into my mouth, devouring it. I open my mouth wide, swallowing as much of her tit as possible, gorging myself on her flesh.
Jade relaxed. I could feel her getting turned on as my hands roamed her body. I gripped her ass through the thin material. I licked down the length of her beautiful body until my tongue found her latex-covered cunt.
As if in one of my many fetish-themed wet dreams, I licked her through the rubber, tasting the metal flavour of the latex as her shaved pussy heated up, getting wetter. It was - almost - with some reluctance that I slowly pulled the rubber to one side and buried my mouth in her wetness.

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