Thursday, February 12, 2009

First Time Fetish

St. Jude came into my life on a pleasantly warm September evening; I’d gone to watch a friend’s band play at an LES hole-in-the-wall and he’d shown up to take pictures. I remember him as a slightly over-excited Brit with gorgeous blue eyes and a quick smile. A few hours, two bars and many drinks later found us wrapped around each other participating in my first orgy. What a way to meet the love of your life….

Fast-forward four weeks and you will find St. Jude and me curled up in bed on a Saturday morning in a very posh NY hotel. He had just returned from a business trip to London and I was wrecked from a 75+ hour work week spent producing a legal conference. Snuggled under the covers in our bathrobes, St. Jude produces the gifts he’d brought back for me and I set to work opening the packages, as always, careful not to rip any of the wrapping.

The first package reveals a collar made of rich brown harness leather and a bronze metal leash to go with it. The collar was stiff and smelled like a new saddle, rich and warm and comforting, a smell I knew. My excitement heightened and my mind started racing to guess what the other package contained. I tore into it…finding a pair of high-waisted pea green rubber underwear and a matching baby-doll dress which fastened around the neck with a white silk bow. I was a latex virgin and the material felt cold and slimy in my hands, an alien object, and I wondered what attraction it could hold for anyone. Paralyzed by my confusion, I offered St. Jude no reaction at all…looking back he must have been terrified. I eventually acquiesced to St. Jude’s urging to try on the dress, although I still maintained that the underwear was on no account going anywhere near me…it wasn’t my style…yet.

I wiggled the slick material onto my body, the coolness making my nipples instantly hard. Instead of the color of the dress giving me the pallor of a seasick boat passenger like I expected, it looked pretty against my ultra-white skin and blonde hair. With the bow tied around my neck, the dress made my tits look instantly fuller and perkier, two perfect round shapes revealed between a plunging neckline that reached almost to my belly button….it may actually be the most flattering dress I have ever worn.

I nervously emerged from the bathroom unsure of what to expect. St. Jude’s eyes traveled down the length of my body and back up again…he must have liked what he saw because he became hard almost instantly. I walked over to the bed and St. Jude pulled me on top of him. Then he was on top of me, one hand holding onto my hair, the other running over the latex, his tongue in my mouth. He ran his tongue down my neck, pausing only to bite me softly, and then took one of my nipples in his mouth and began to tease it. I arched my back, moaning softly, grabbing his head and pushing him harder onto my breast. By now the latex was hot, causing my skin to grow damp and stick to it. The underwear slipped back and forth against my soaking cunt, exciting me even more, and St. Jude groaned as I raked my red nails across his back, red welts rising in their wake. Wriggling out from beneath St. Jude I straddled him, the soaking wet latex now pressed against his cock. I pulled the underwear to the side and slid my pussy down onto his cock.

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